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Flea Market Love

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m using this weekend wrap up post to also introduce a new section to the blog! I’ve been enjoying blogging and having the Instagram more than I thought I would, but I feel like I’ve had no sense of organization. I’m going to try to use this as my basic format till I get the hang of things:

Meatless Monday
Tuesday Trends
What I’m loving Wednesday
Fit Friday                                                                                                                                         Then for Thursday, Saturday & Sunday whatever sparks my mood at the time!

I’m sure you’re looking and thinking to yourself “Tuesday Trends”? I thought this was a health and fitness blog? Well fashion, beauty and trends make me happy and being happy is healthy! And if this doesn’t seem to be working then I’ll stop and try something new because that’s what blogging is, a learning experience. You have to see what works and what doesn’t until you get into your groove.

So for the introduction to this Tuesday Trends here is a photo of the amazing ring I found at a flea market this weekend with my mom!
Flea market ring                                                                                           I think I need to work on the hand shots…

I saw it and instantly loved it,  even more so for $10. The quality is really very nice for costume jewelry, its a pretty solid and heavy piece. My mom and I were on the Upper West Side on Sunday (where we found the flea market) because we were seeing Swan Lake at Lincoln Center for her Mother’s Day gift. It was such a beautiful show. The dancers are so incredibly talented and make it seem so easy, plus those costumes are stunning.

I know I’m out of order here but Saturday I had a pretty fun day as well! My mom, one of my sisters, one of my friends from school and I went on a cupcake tour of the city! Oh I know, the complete opposite of being healthy but we had such a great time. I found a Groupon for it through a company called Great New York Tours. Our guides name was Chandler and he was very knowledgeable about different fun city facts. Did you know there’s one privately owned street in Manhattan? Me neither! But it’s owned by NYU and if you’re ever on the Lower West Side I would definitely check it out. It was beautiful and you didn’t even feel like you were in the city. For the tour we went to  3 cupcake places, a macaroon place, a milk and cookies shop (coincidentally named Milk and Cookies Bakery) and a Gelato place. I wish they had given us cards for all of the places because I don’t remember them all. I do remember where this delicious cupcake was from though, Molly’s Cupcakes.

Cupcake                                                                                             This is a vanilla cupcake with brown sugar frosting…deeeeelicious!

Did any of you do anything fun this weekend? Have you found anything special at a thrift store or flea market recently? What is your favorite dessert that you wish you had a healthy option for?