The Introduction of: What I’m Loving Wednesday

On many of the blogs I follow they do “What I’m Loving Wednesday” posts and I think they’re such a good idea.  This is a great place to share not only things I personally have been using (and loving) but also things I’ve read on other people’s blogs that I think my readers would like to know as well. Each Wednesday I’m going to try to put up a list of 5 things I’m currently loving:

  1. This article on how to breathe when running because I seriously struggle with it and so I will pass along this information to my fellow gasping-for-air runners.
  2. The daily news email I receive from The Skimm is the bestttt. I’ve already recommended it to so many people so you know I am truly a fan. Monday- Friday they email you a one page email with what you need to know in the news lately, all written in a tongue and cheek way that keeps you (or at least me) interested.                                                                                                                                            the skimm
  3. These sandals of mine from JCrew Factory. I love them so much I had my mom order a pair for herself as well. They were such a good price, they’re extremely comfortable and they go with everything. What other reasons do you need?                                                                                                                    Sandals                                                                                                        #Proof
  4. The new app I bought for my iPhone from the owners of A Beautiful Mess blog.  It’s called Party Party and I downloaded it in the app store. It’s basically a photobooth on your phone, I mean seriously who doesn’t love photobooths?! I got it last weekend and used it a little but I plan to really utilize it this weekend at my friends birthday. Click here for a full description.                                                                     Party Party
  5. Lastly, this article I read entitled “Networking for Introverts”. I definitely tend to lean towards the awkward/shy side on occasion, especially when it comes to work so these tips are something I will strive for.


One thought on “The Introduction of: What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Kate Hellige July 23, 2014 at 10:42 pm Reply

    Loving the new Wednesday post idea…keep the good tips coming!

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