Banish the Weekend Bloat

If your holiday weekend was anything like mine then you ate (and drank) wayyyy more than you should have, but hey we’re only human. You probably have a double case of the Monday’s today since not only are you back at work but you also feel bloated and maybe even a bit guilty for over indulging this weekend. That’s okay though because here are some tips on what to eat and drink this week to beat the bloat:

  1. Drink warm water with lemon in the mornings to help wake up your digestive system and get things moving.
  2. Avoid dairy in the morning (or even for a few days) since most people tend to feel slightly bloated after eating and/or drinking it.
  3. Make sure to eat breakfast though! You might still be feeling full from the weekend but not eating is much worse for you.  Choose a breakfast instead that is high in fiber and lean protein, such as low-fat cottage cheese and tomato on a whole wheat English muffin.
  4. Eat pineapple as an afternoon snack since the bromelain enzyme in it helps to banish belly bloat by breaking down protein and aiding in digestion.
  5. Drink lots and lots of water in order to flush out bad toxins and extra salt that may have been consumed (chips anyone?).
  6. Eat quinoa for lunch or dinner since the fiber and potassium in the superfood are important if you would like to feel less bloated.
  7. Can I mention eating fiber again? Some foods that are rich in fiber: avocado, raspberries, chia seeds, broccoli, ect.
  8. For dinner, incorporate asparagus into your meal since it encourages healthy digestion by aiding in the growth of healthy bacteria in your body.
  9. Resist the urge to drink with diner! One glass of wine max if you’ve really had a bad day but no more than that.
  10. Lastly, get plenty of sleep! Sleep helps to regulate your metabolism so getting the recommended 7 hours a night will help debloat you in no time!

Hopefully these tips help and you feel better in no time!

Do you guys have any helpful tips to add to this list? What about suggestions of foods to avoid? 


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