A New Healthy Beginning: Joining a gym!

Happy 4th of July and fit Friday!

I did it! I took the plunge and granted it’s only been a week but I think I’m going to be happy with it! Last week I went with a friend as her guest to New York Health and Racquet Club and it was love at first site when I saw the class schedule. Wow. Just wow.  There were more options than I think I’ll ever even be able to try.  There is no way I can get bored here, it would be impossible. Click here to see the class descriptions.

For my first week I went to two different classes.  On Monday I went to an arms, abs and assets class and it was exactly how it sounded.  When I say I was terrible, well, that’s an understatement.  I had to stop during basically every exercise and at some points I just sat there looking at the instructor with what I can only imagine was my “please save me” face.  But I made it through the class and it can only get better from here! I think the pain I was in the next day was a good indicator of how effective the class was and all of the good results I will (hopefully) be seeing one day.

Wednesday I took my second class, I didn’t take one Tuesday because I was watching the USA soccer game and let’s be honest, I really couldn’t move the next day haha. This time I took a Fluidity class.  The description on Fluidity is “a combination of ballet barre, yoga, Pilates and strength training to create a longer and leaner body.” So basically for me it combines into one class four different things I wanted to try so I basically hit the jackpot of classes. The teacher was sooo patient with me and corrected my form without embarrassing me or making me feel like an idiot for not knowing how to do the exercises.  I think this is definitely going to go into my weekly class lineup because not only did I feel like I got an amazing workout but also the stretching helped my sore muscles from Monday and also helped me to not be as sore the next day.


On a different yet still similar note: While reading different blogs, I’ve found that a lot of bloggers do a “weekly fitness” post.  Some do it as a tracking device for themselves and their followers, some do it to post different workouts and some are a mixture of both.  I’m going to start a “weekly fitness” post each week to not only have to put out there what I plan to do each week/what I actually did in order to hold myself accountable, but also to post great workout ideas that I come across so everyone can reap the benefits!

So this is my upcoming workout schedule:

Monday: arms, abs & assets class (I have to show my face again! Maybe this time I’ll be able to do more. Yes I know, wishful thinking)

Tuesday: rest please

Wednesday: Fluidity class

Thursday: personal trainer (no I’m not fancy, I got it for free when I joined the gym)

Friday: if you can call driving to Boston rest then yes I’m resting haha

Saturday: maybe a light jog or some body weight exercises. If I do this I’ll let you know so everyone can try it too!

Sunday: no way jose!

Hope everyone has a fantastic and patriotic 4th of July!

Have you recently joined a gym? Taken any good workout classes lately? Any recommendations for classes or exercises to do at home?  What are your 4th of July plans?




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