What I’m Loving Wednesday: 9~17~14

  1. This article from The Balanced Blonde, formally known as The Blonde Vegan. If you follow Jordan of TBB then you already know how open and honest she has been on her blog lately about what is going on in her life.  To sum it up she was a very strict vegan and her body just didn’t agree with it, however she was so caught up in the lifestyle that she developed Orthorexia, which is an obsession with eating healthy. When she announced to her followers that she was giving up the vegan lifestyle in order to find what works the best for her body she received a lot of backlash, but she also received a ton of support as well. This article isn’t her “coming out story” as she calls it but a recent article she posted on how to live a balanced lifestyle while still being able to drink. I think many people can relate to this article, especially those who are recently out of college who want to make positive changes in our lives, yet still be able to go out and enjoy. I personally feel like I’m going through and feeling what she talks about in the article so I wanted to pass it along, enjoy!
  2. Bauble Bar. I had heard of Bauble Bar in the past but had never checked it out for myself, but boy was I missing out! I recently just made my first purchase on the site, which was a necklace for my mom’s birthday from my sisters and I. It was a beautiful monogrammed necklace that she loves! Bauble Bar is great in my eyes because first off with every purchase you make you receive Bauble Points that can be used towards another purchase, second because every Monday and Wednesday they send you an email letting you know about that days “Buried Treasure” which is a piece on their website that they made either $10 or $20 instead of full price, and third because if you live in NYC and they carry the piece in the store they will deliver it that day for you! That will come in very handy for those days when I have an outfit in mind for the night but no accessory to go with it!
  3. My new Lily Pulitzer cooler bag! Isn’t it the cutest?! I’m already obsessed and I haven’t even used it yet haha. Not only is the pattern so pretty but it’s just so functional! Bulky coolers are sometimes just way too inconvenient to carry so this will be perfect for those events such as tailgating/picnics/beach/house party/basically everything, where you don’t want to lug a cooler and you want to be cute! Also a huge plus, it came with a mini bottle opener/corkscrew that is attached to the bag! Oh, and it was only $32 which by Lily standards is a steal!Lily
  4. FALL! Caps were sooo necessary for that one. I know it’s still technically summer but in my mind once Labor Day is over and all of the little kiddos go back to school fall starts. Summer was always my favorite season growing up and I still love ya summer, you keep me nice and warm and BBQ’s and the beach are great, but as I’m getting older fall is sliding into first. Summer was great when all I wanted to do was layout and get tan, but now I wear SPF 30 and a wide brimmed hat in order to prevent/fight wrinkles/skin cancer. Everyone else is still getting tan though so pictures this summer were pretty difficult, as in I looked like Casper the friendly ghost while everyone else looked cute and tan. So my first love about fall is everyone else losing their tans (kind of bratty but hey it’s true haha). The next reason is because fall clothes are ah-mazing. Fall is definitely the trendiest of the seasons. You’re able to layer without wearing a bulky coat like in winter, and you can wear boots and sweaters and everything else that is perfect in life. Lastly, Pumpkin everything. Pumpkin all dayyyy, errr day. I plan on smelling like a walking pumpkin the next few weeks, sorry everyone.  I should probably just do a post on fall on its own so this post won’t be 100 pages long, so look forward to it!           Pumpkin candle                   Soon to be on my coffee table making my apartment smell like deliciousness!     (Photo from Yankee Candle)

Tofu Tuesday

So I was very, very nervous to try tofu. I’ve had it before in miso soup but other than that I have had no experience with it and needless to say I was scared. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but hey we’re all allowed to get dramatic every now and then (more so for some of us haha). Well I’m not about to give up meat and become a hardcore tofu fanatic but it wasn’t half bad. Definitely something I would fill in with every now and then, especially because the price was SO good. I think that whole block of tofu was under $3. Take that chicken.

I did some research on tofu before I attempted to cook it and the majority of people recommended not marinading the tofu first because tofu takes on the taste of whatever you cook it with and the flavor could end up being too overwhelming.

I had previously bought teriyaki sauce so I figured this would be a great thing to cook the tofu in because it would be a different flavor than I normally cook with but also one that is strong without being too strong. I know I know, kind of a baby move wanting to have something a bit strong but do you blame me? Tofu seemed so weird!


-One package of organic firm tofu drained and patted dry (the dryer the better)


-red pepper



-olive oil

But in reality you can really use any sauce/vegetables for the tofu, this is just what I had on hand.



  1. Cut the tofu into strips and squeeze between paper towels in order to dry as much as possible. This is because the tofu is much easier to cook when it is dry.
  2. Coat pan in olive oil and place tofu on pan. Cook until slightly browned and then flip tofu and do                                       the same on the other side.                                            Uncooked Tofu
  3. Add in marinade of choice and vegetables and cook until vegetables are fully cooked and tofu is                                        browned to desire on both sides.                                           Cooking Tofu
  4. Enjoy!                                                                              End Meal

If you are curious about the health benefits of tofu check out this article!

Have you guys ever tried tofu? Did you enjoy it or was it not for you? Any recipe suggestions for it? 

What I’m Loving Wednesday: 8~27~14

Hello all! Sorry I took a brief break from the blog, I’m back now though!

What I’m loving this Wednesday is my beautiful and caring family! We recently just took a nice vacation together and I truly appreciate each and every one of them and am so blessed to call them my family. We may not always see eye to eye but at the end of the day we are all 100% there for one another and that is all that matters. Love you all!

Family 2



What I’m Loving Wednesday: 7~30~14

  1. This very true article by Kayla Itsines. Kayla is a trainer from Australia that my sister originally told me about and then I recently read about her on the popular blog The Skinny Confidential.
  2. Zico Chocolate Flavored Coconut Water: I was scared to try it because previous coconut waters I’ve tried haven’t tasted that good, but this was delicious. It tasted almost like chocolate milk, but without the dairy (a lactose intolerant persons dream). Plus, it will be a great after workout hydrator or when you are very dehydrated (aka hungover). Coconut Water
  3. This adorable Fitbit holder by Tory Burch.                                                                                Tory-Burch_Fitbit                                                  (Photo: toryburch.com)
  4. My new shoes I bought on Sole Society for $20. Yup, you read that correctly $20. Boy do I love sales. (I checked and now the shoes are back up to $34.95 but maybe they will go back down again. Also, I recommend getting a half size up if you do order them)
  5. Packing. This one is more of a love/hate relationship I think. The actual process of packing is terrible but getting ready for a trip or a weekend away (Hey Bill, see you tomorrow!) is one of the most exciting things!

A Fit Friday to be Proud of! (A Few Days Late…Oops)

I’m sorry I’m just putting this post up now, I had it all drafted and then got so busy this weekend, so better late than never!

I’m happy to announce that after last week’s embarrassing “I didn’t workout at all” post I can now successfully say that I accomplished my workout goals for this week! Woohoo! And you know what? Even on the days I said I was going to go but then got tired (read: cranky) I still went and was happier that I did. Which is basically what everyone always says about working out. Isn’t the go to quote “your only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”? Or something like that.  Well I get it. As Nike says “Just do it”.

Friday: Didn’t happen..

Saturday: ^ Same

Sunday: IT HAPPENED! I worked out! Here is the workout I did at my parents house. You can do this workout anywhere you have a floor and a spare 20 minutes or so.                                                              Workout

Monday: It was Monday…

Tuesday: I finally made it to a boxing class and let me tell you, wow. I had taken kickboxing classes before and they was not like this. I’m pretty sure one of the men taking the class was a boxer, or trying to be one (he had boxing shoes on). Everyone in the class knew what they were doing and were in fantastic shape. It was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken but I plan to go back next Tuesday! It was very fun and exciting and I knew I was getting a good workout, and not even just because I’m STILL sore.

Wednesday: I physically couldn’t do anything after Tuesdays class.
Thursday: I finally tried Pilates! I had tried yoga in the past but had trouble getting into it because I found it to be slow. Maybe I’m taking the wrong type of yoga classes but Pilates was the happy medium I was looking for. You’re still stretching, which is what I like about yoga, but I felt like my muscles got more of a workout and it was faster paced so the class flew by.
This week I also didn’t take a cab once so each day I walked 3 miles altogether going to and from the train. All of the walking is definitely a huge plus of living in the city. Basically no matter where you’re going you get a mini workout in!
And to end this post, a super sweaty screenshot of the SnapChat I sent my friends after the boxing class on Tuesday…                                                                                      Sweaty
Have any of you ever taken a class that just left you so sore for days? Did you go back to it? What do you think about yoga versus Pilates? Do you like both or are you more partial to one class over the other?

The Introduction of: What I’m Loving Wednesday

On many of the blogs I follow they do “What I’m Loving Wednesday” posts and I think they’re such a good idea.  This is a great place to share not only things I personally have been using (and loving) but also things I’ve read on other people’s blogs that I think my readers would like to know as well. Each Wednesday I’m going to try to put up a list of 5 things I’m currently loving:

  1. This article on how to breathe when running because I seriously struggle with it and so I will pass along this information to my fellow gasping-for-air runners.
  2. The daily news email I receive from The Skimm is the bestttt. I’ve already recommended it to so many people so you know I am truly a fan. Monday- Friday they email you a one page email with what you need to know in the news lately, all written in a tongue and cheek way that keeps you (or at least me) interested.                                                                                                                                            the skimm
  3. These sandals of mine from JCrew Factory. I love them so much I had my mom order a pair for herself as well. They were such a good price, they’re extremely comfortable and they go with everything. What other reasons do you need?                                                                                                                    Sandals                                                                                                        #Proof
  4. The new app I bought for my iPhone from the owners of A Beautiful Mess blog.  It’s called Party Party and I downloaded it in the app store. It’s basically a photobooth on your phone, I mean seriously who doesn’t love photobooths?! I got it last weekend and used it a little but I plan to really utilize it this weekend at my friends birthday. Click here for a full description.                                                                     Party Party
  5. Lastly, this article I read entitled “Networking for Introverts”. I definitely tend to lean towards the awkward/shy side on occasion, especially when it comes to work so these tips are something I will strive for.

Flea Market Love

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m using this weekend wrap up post to also introduce a new section to the blog! I’ve been enjoying blogging and having the Instagram more than I thought I would, but I feel like I’ve had no sense of organization. I’m going to try to use this as my basic format till I get the hang of things:

Meatless Monday
Tuesday Trends
What I’m loving Wednesday
Fit Friday                                                                                                                                         Then for Thursday, Saturday & Sunday whatever sparks my mood at the time!

I’m sure you’re looking and thinking to yourself “Tuesday Trends”? I thought this was a health and fitness blog? Well fashion, beauty and trends make me happy and being happy is healthy! And if this doesn’t seem to be working then I’ll stop and try something new because that’s what blogging is, a learning experience. You have to see what works and what doesn’t until you get into your groove.

So for the introduction to this Tuesday Trends here is a photo of the amazing ring I found at a flea market this weekend with my mom!
Flea market ring                                                                                           I think I need to work on the hand shots…

I saw it and instantly loved it,  even more so for $10. The quality is really very nice for costume jewelry, its a pretty solid and heavy piece. My mom and I were on the Upper West Side on Sunday (where we found the flea market) because we were seeing Swan Lake at Lincoln Center for her Mother’s Day gift. It was such a beautiful show. The dancers are so incredibly talented and make it seem so easy, plus those costumes are stunning.

I know I’m out of order here but Saturday I had a pretty fun day as well! My mom, one of my sisters, one of my friends from school and I went on a cupcake tour of the city! Oh I know, the complete opposite of being healthy but we had such a great time. I found a Groupon for it through a company called Great New York Tours. Our guides name was Chandler and he was very knowledgeable about different fun city facts. Did you know there’s one privately owned street in Manhattan? Me neither! But it’s owned by NYU and if you’re ever on the Lower West Side I would definitely check it out. It was beautiful and you didn’t even feel like you were in the city. For the tour we went to  3 cupcake places, a macaroon place, a milk and cookies shop (coincidentally named Milk and Cookies Bakery) and a Gelato place. I wish they had given us cards for all of the places because I don’t remember them all. I do remember where this delicious cupcake was from though, Molly’s Cupcakes.

Cupcake                                                                                             This is a vanilla cupcake with brown sugar frosting…deeeeelicious!

Did any of you do anything fun this weekend? Have you found anything special at a thrift store or flea market recently? What is your favorite dessert that you wish you had a healthy option for?